General Printing


An illustrated guide to letterpress printing, with hundreds of step-by-step photos
By Glen U. Cleeton & Charles W. Pitkin, with revisions by Raymond L. Conrwell

“The best all-around introductory book for traditional letterpress printing, this manual is profusely illustrated with detailed and useful photographs and should occupy a prominent place on the shelf of every letterpress printer. It will serve as the next best thing to an apprenticeship at the feet of a master printer, and is certain to be used as a handy reference throughout your printing journey.”  —David S. Rose, Introduction to Letterpress Printing

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General Printing is a comprehensive guide to letterpress printing. With 300 photos and 140 illustrations, it offers detailed step-by-step visual instruction. Key topics include: handsetting type, taking proofs, mitering rules, locking up a form, adding packing and make-ready, feeding the press, advanced composition, safety considerations for heavy machinery, tricks of the trade, and layout and design.

This edition was originally published in 1963, and has been out of print for many years. With the recent revival of interest in letterpress printing, this book’s popularity and scarcity has made it one of the top ten most sought out-of-print books of any kind for several years. It has now been reissued in an exact facsimile of the 1963 edition, with a new foreword by David S. Rose, a noted authority on letterpress and the history of printing. It also includes a new addendum page summarizing some of the most important current-day resources for letterpress printers.

About the authors: Glen U. Cleeton served for many years as Dean of the School of Printing Management at Carnegie Institute of Technology. Charles W. Pitkin was assistant professor of printing at Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he produced many of the photos for the book; later he was vice president and director of manufacturing for Doubleday & Company. Additional content was contributed by Raymond L. Cornwell, former professor of graphic arts at the State University of New York, Oswego.

Pages: 223
Size: 8.25″ x 11″
Binding: Perfect-bound softcover


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